Colour Profiles

Unsure of your skin tone? 

Most skin tones fall into one of two camps - warm or cool. Determining your skin tone is a great start to discovering which colors work best with your complexion. 

What skin tone am I?

Identifying your natural skin tone as warm or cool will allow you to select the best cosmetic shades to compliment your natural coloring.


  • If you tan, you tan golden.
  • You look best wearing yellow gold jewelry.
  • Your skin has slightly golden or yellow undertones.
  • You gravitate towards oranges, reds, earthy brows and greens with golden undertones.
  • If you tan, you tan brown with pink undertones.
  • You look best in silver, white gold or platinum jewelry.
  • Your skin has a slightly pink or reddish undertones.
  • You gravitate towards icy blue shades and jewel tones like magentas, sapphire blues, emerald greens and ruby reds.
  • Yellow generally does not look good on you.

Warm Descriptions
Light skin characterized as pale with peachy or golden undertones
Medium skin characterized as having golden undertones
Medium tan skin characterized as warm golden with little to no pink
Deep medium skin characterized as having caramel undertones
Brown skin characterized as having deep caramel or copper undertones with no red
Deep brown skin characterized as having deep golden, copper or orangey
undertones with no red or blue.

Cool Descriptions
Very pale skin characterized as having no color in cheeks.
Light skin characterized as pinkish, red cheeked or ruddy. 
Medium skin characterized as having have no color in cheeks.
Medium skin characterized as having faint pink cheeks and no golden undertones.
Medium tan skin characterized as being a brown tan with pink undertones and no golden.
Brown skin characterized as being brown with red (not orange) undertones


Shades are listed in order from left to right. Click on shade names below for details.

Neutral Shades

Porcelain - Our palest shade for the very fairest of them all!
Blondie - A light neutral shade with balanced undertones for paler skins - our bestselling lighter shade.
In the Buff -
 A light-medium neutral shade with balanced undertones - one of our bestselling shades.
- A medium neutral shade with balanced undertones.
- A tan neutral shade with balanced undertones.

Cool Shades

Candy Cane
 - A light pinkish shade with cool undertones for paler skins.
- A light-medium pinkish shade with cool undertones. 
Cool Caramel
 - A medium pinkish shade with cool undertones. 

Warm Shades

Warm Peach
 - A light peachy shade with warm undertones for paler skins.
- A light-medium peachy shade with warm undertones. 
Warm Honey
 - A medium peachy shade with warm undertones.
Coffee Bean
 - A tan peachy shade with warm undertones. 
Hot Chocolate
 - A deep peachy shade with warm undertones. 

Olive Shades

 - A medium olive shade with yellow undertones.
- A tan olive shade with yellow undertones. 
 - A deep olive shade with yellow undertones.






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