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"love the makeup"

Saira K.

I absolutely love the makeup and have been wearing it ever since I received the samples.  I find the cover up excellent and the brushes are fantastic. It's a fantastic product and I would have no hesitation recommending it to friends.

I hate wearing makeup knowing that it contains lots of horrible chemicals and that these are being absorbed into my body.  But Lily Lolo makeup is wonderful, it stays on and gives the skin a really natural look and glow. I love the bronzer and eye colours.

Many thanks again and I really love the makeup.

Best Wishes, Saira


"just perfect!"

Denise van Outen
I  love Lily Lolo makeup and brushes.  Perfect for a fresh daytime look and easy to achieve a more glamorous look for a party or premiere.  The brushes are small enough to carry in my handbag...  Just perfect!


"so, so loving them!"

Nadira Persaud, Celebrity Make-up Artist
I tried out Lily Lolo products today and was really impressed with the amount of coverage you get.  Also the pigments of colour are so intense it's so quick to use.  I am going to keep adding more to my kit.  So, so loving them!


"it works!"

Caroline B, Macclesfield
I went to my beauty salon last week after 2 years of despair, at the moment I have very bad breakouts.  I had perfect skin only a couple of years ago and recently began to have a really hard time with sore redness which nothing would calm. After spending hundreds of pounds at the beauty counters to no avail my new beauty therapist recommended the Ren range which is completely natural, and noticing the blemishes and scars left as a result of my skin problems suggested that I try Lily Lolo foundation.  All I can say is it is the most fantastic range of products, the coverage I get from the foundation is incredible and the thought that I am feeding my skin with minerals at the same time makes me even more happy! I passed by the beauty salon the next day on my way to work and even they were shocked!  It looks fantastic, I have no blemishes left and even my boyfriend (who notices nothing) said I look radient! I could never have flawless skin using a liquid or powder foundation but now I feel like I have the skin I deserve. It's funny how nothing in life ever really does what it says on the tin, yet Lily Lolo exceeds my expectations every time I put on my makeup.  I have now recommended it to all my friends and am a devout mineral cosmetic fan - long may it continue!



Nicole N, Northants
Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!
A friend recommended your products to me so I ordered some samples a few days ago and they arrived this morning. Top marks for efficient delivery and excellent packaging! I read through the enclosed leaflet and thought "OK I'll give them a try" but admit I was a tad sceptical; after all, at 43 (give or take a few weeks!), I'm pretty darn sure I need something a bit more heavy duty than a finishing powder to hide my flaws! I couldn't have been more wrong!
What should I rave about first? The amazing coverage? The speed with which I managed to put a full face of makeup on? The fact that my lines seemed to vanish? The ease of use and lack of mess? The seeming excellent value for money (only a little is needed)? The fact that I don't even feel as though I have any makeup on? Or perhaps that my face doesn't look anything other than almost perfect?
I'm afraid I couldn't possibly choose - all of the above are true and I am simply stunned! Who'd have thought it? All that remains now are two things: to see if the claims about it lasting all day are true.....and to get my credit card out! Thank you all so much for such wonderful products; I'm sitting here grinning like a madwoman as I type this! I shall be telling all my friends about you too!


"it's perfect for me"

Melissa W, Altrincham
I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I absolutely adore your cosmetics range! I have never used mineral cosmetics before and was totally cynical about the idea of powders being able to conceal blemishes and yet not be drying... I am now a total convert and have kissed my endless rounds of trying different liquid foundations, etc, goodbye for good. I am amazed at how easy the cosmetics are to apply, how they transform my skin to flawless looking and natural, and how good my face feels with it on...as though I have no make up on at all. My skin is happier and more blemish free... need I go on? They last all day, and I have had so many people tell me how great I look, its embarassing! :) I am really amazed and will be a devoted client from now on. Thanks for being prepared to send samples, which helped me become confident about your products before leaping in with both feet - I don't know anything about other mineral cosmetics, but have no desire to explore further than Lily Lolo... its perfect for me. Feel free to use me as a testimonial anytime - as someone who started using cosmetics 20 years ago and has experience of about every range out there, I don't give praise lightly... but your products deserve it. Thanks again!


"a huge thank you!"

Michelle C, Grays, Essex
A few months ago I started reading up about mineral makeup because I heard it was good for acne prone and sensitive skins. I was nervous of trying anything new because of the way most products easily upset my skin. After doing lots of research I had almost decided to go with an American brand and then I found your website. The first thing that grabbed me was the simplicity of the website and then the amazing range of shades in the foundations and eye shadows. Way more choice than the other brand which was also very expensive. So, plucking up the courage I ordered a few samples which arrived within a few days. And then the fun began- I fell in love with Lily Lolo after the first application. It was so easy to use and I loved the way the foundation felt and looked on my skin. For the first time in 10 years I looked like I had clear skin (even though I was in the middle of a breakout). Of course I started telling everyone I know about my new discovery and letting them try my samples. So far four of my friends and my sister have now found themselves hooked and have all ordered a mix of foundations, brushes and eye shadows. And not one has been disappointed. For myself, I can only say a massive thank you - my acne has actually cleared up and I have been able to reduce the amount of antibiotics I take for it. My make up looks lovely all day without needing a touch up. In fact, it no longer slides down my face by lunch time. I adore the smoky brown eye shadow which I wear almost everyday! Lily Lolo makeup has truly made me feel so much better about how I look and feel and for that I am eternally grateful. I will never go back to ordinary make up ever again!


"look forward to putting our make-up on"

Hilary H, Chelmsford
I absolutely adore your products and have had many compliments on them! Both myself and my daughter are so impressed, we look forward to putting our makeup on which is great. I've never been happy with anything I've used in the past so I'm not that easy to please but just cannot fault your products at all. Thank you so much for the wonderful product and the quick, friendly, efficient service you offer. Keep up the good work!


"not looked this healthy in months"

Helen S, Rochdale
I received my order of a sample kit & extra sample pots this morning on the strength of these I am about to make my second purchase. Unfortunately I have been off work sick for the past 11 months with various health problems & have as a consequence also suffered with Eczema & Acne. I have spent part of this afternoon experimenting with the make-up & have not looked this healthy in months. My skin looks almost flawless & I am amazed at how well camouflaged my problem areas are. The powders are very easily applied & the information booklet is well designed & informative. My order was dealt with swiftly & I found the beautifully designed web site a pleasure to browse. I am so pleased to have finally found a product that is not just effective & easy to use but also good for my skin!


"my skin looks more youthful"

Penny S, East Sussex
I purchased one of your Mineral Makeup Kits recently and am so pleased with your products. My skin looks more youthful and people have commented how well I look and how good my skin is. It's so natural looking and is reasonably priced compared to some other mineral makeup companies. I am telling my family and friends so hopefully you will get some more orders!! Thank you again.


"blends perfectly"

Cheryll P, Leeds
Thanks ever so much for my makeup - wow its fab! I’m in my early forties and have spent a small fortune on foundations in the past - you name it, I’ve tried it! I hate the heavy make up look and this one blends perfectly into my skin no lines, nothing. I am blown away with the product and the fact that you offer the samples to try is amazing


"my skin has cleared up"

Laura M, Glasgow
After months of searching the internet for a good mineral makeup I had given up. I tried lots of samples some good, some not so good but I just couldn't find one that stayed on and didn't go a horrible orangy colour after a couple of hours or when you tried to cover a spot it would look ten times worse. I'm so glad I had one last attempt and bought some samples from yourself. I spent most of the first day that I tried it looking in the mirror just to find something wrong with it. I have been using the same foundation for a good few years and it was a big challenge to change. I am genuinely happy that I did because it has made such a difference to my life. I used to hide behind my hair, always wearing it down, close to my face to try disguise a spot. My confidence has grown, my skin has cleared up and I can actually be seen without make up on. I had a great Christmas this year because I could go on nights out without having to worry whether the inevitable night out spot had appeared. I bought samples for friends and family and hope they will enjoy using it as much as I do. I wouldn't normally do this but i felt that people should know about your products. Thank you.


"beautiful natural finish"

Alison J, Southport
I am delighted with my recent samples from you! Quick service, generous sizes and great products!  I use a very famous brand of mineral make-up and have tried lots of samples from alternative US companies, which while nice, weren't as good as yours. Your eye colours and blush are so pigmented - they give a lovely wash of colour and are fab as lip colours too. I love the foundation and flawless silk - it's easily comparable to the brand I used to use and your choice of colours is great. It gives a beautiful, natural finish to the skin - no powdery look or too much shine - just a perfect canvas. Really do love it.


"so natural looking"

Andrew C, London
I love Lily Lolo! Today's my first day of using your make-up and I love it. I use it to cover up redness left by blemishes past. As a guy I don't have to worry about looking like I have make-up on because the effect is so natural and your mineral foundation doesn't rub off onto clothes. I also can buy it in the comfort of my own home rather than feeling awkward in department stores. Thank you so much.


"fantastic stuff"

Christine G, Conway
I was very impressed with the foundation. I have very pale skin and often have a hard time finding shades that match. Your palest shade, porcelain, did the trick very nicely. I loved the feeling of it on my skin, very light, not sticky, make-uppy, stream down my face when I sweat - kind of stuff.  Indeed, when I ordered my full size version after 10 o’clock last night, my makeup was still on! Fantastic stuff.


"fantastic service & lovely products"

Jane T, Wembly
I had seen mineral makeup and wanted to try it and Lily Lolo's samples gave me the perfect opportunity! I had a query which was answered quickly and my order received a few days after that.

I was surprised how easy the foundation is to apply giving an even coverage and the colour I chose was a good match to my skin tone. The eye colours are lovely and you can be as subtle or as bold as you dare! Fantastic service and lovely products, brilliantly priced... what more could you ask for? I have already recommended your website to my friends.


"foundation is amazing"

Lynda J, Bridgend
I would just like to thank you for the swift delivery of my second order from you. From the easy way in which your website is set up, to the communication giving the status of my order to the 'cute' way in which the products are packaged, I have to say I am impressed. The 'look' and feel of the foundation is amazing, I am so happy with it. The colours are beautiful; the cover is amazing and gives me confidence knowing that I look good in a natural way. I have even managed to persuade my daughter to try it and she was also impressed.  Thank you so much for everything, I will definitely be one of your returning customers.


"best foundation I've tried"

Denise W, Craigavon
Hi, I have been using the foundation for a few days and I can honestly say that this is the best foundation I have tried. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a flawless finish that does last all day; I will not be going back to my usual foundation. Thanks for such a great product.


"love your makeup"

Nici P-I, Cheshire
Just to let you know that my order arrived safely today, thanks. As usual, fantastic service and a fantastic product! I love your makeup, it has got to be the best in the world!!


"truly impressed"

Janet E, Lancashire
Just to let you know what amazing products you have, this is the very best make-up I've used and I couldn't imagine wearing a liquid foundation ever again!  I have in all truth tried other mineral makeup and more expensive brands but none live up to yours.  The coverage is fantastic, the colours are true and it's like wearing a second skin and it lasts ALL day without transference, fading or smudging....I am almost 43 and I look better than I did at 18.  Please keep your products accessible to the ordinary people like myself who can't afford to spend £40 for one tiny pot of foundation, because you've cornered the market in that respect.  I was truly impressed as I'm sure all your customers have been, I've been raving about it to all my clients.....so expect more orders.


"my skin behaves far better"

Emma H, London
I've ordered from your site a couple of times now, and I'm really, really impressed with your products.  I've suffered with moderate acne for around 15 years now (I'm 27) and have tried so very many foundations and concealers that are aimed at acne-prone skin, but never solved the problem and always looked really obvious  and actually made the problem worse, since they contained many acnegenic ingredients.  Now, I didn't think makeup could improve the condition of my skin, but over the last couple of months I've been using your foundation and my skin behaves far, far better when I'm wearing your makeup than when I'm not wearing any at all!  There's definitely something good in this stuff.  I'm not professing a complete cure, but my skin is so very much better than I can ever remember since I've been using these products and when I'm wearing the foundation, it's difficult to tell I that have badly behaved skin.  I wanted to let other acne-suffers know that, despite the foundation containing mica (which many online acne-sufferers are concerned exacerbates the problem), it can really help put you on the road to happy skin and is definitely worth a try - but watch out, you'll be hooked!


"my makeup has never looked better"

Penny R, Cheshunt
I received my kit this morning and was a bit worried that I'd chosen the correct colours for me.  They were all perfect and my make up has never looked better.  I have a rather blotchy complexion having worked with horses outdoors for many years and your products even out my skin tone beautifully without looking dry or caked - I shall certainly be back for more. Many thanks.


"skin looks fresh & blemish free"

Katrina W, Hampshire
Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order which arrived today. Being a first timer of using mineral makeup. I have to admit I was a little dubious as to it's 'amazing results' and thought it sounded too good to be true but decided to give it a whirl. I have just tried it out and my skin looks fresh and blemish free and under eye shadows have completely disappeared without my face feeling or looking as though it is caked in make-up! As someone with problem skin this product has worked wonders, I will definitely be placing more orders.


"guilt free make-up"

Cheryl C, Somerset
I'm very impressed by the products and I've been using my samples non-stop. My skin (which has always been a mystery to me) has cleared up almost completely and I even went to sleep in it last night because I was too drunk to take it off – it’s like guilt free make-up!!


"wonderful products"

Shirley C, Fareham
Thank you so much for my orders I placed, I’m really impressed with the amount in the samples, I have been using mineral foundation for a few months and love it. At the time I purchased a well known brand and I cannot believe yours is as good if not better and a fraction of the price. My daughter who is 14 has started using it and I feel happier knowing it is going to be great for her skin (hence so many samples ordered)! I will be purchasing full size products asap. Thank you again for your wonderful products.

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